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Main News of Donbas: Propaganda on billboards and officials arrested in occupied Donetsk

Main News of Donbas: Propaganda on billboards and officials arrested in occupied Donetsk

Reports from the front:

During April 1, illegal armed groupings attacked the ATO forces' positions in the Donbas 65 times. Andriy Lysenko, PA spokesperson on ATO related issues, reports about four Ukrainian servicemen wounded in battles: one — in Zaytseve, one —  in Avdiivka, and two — in Nevilske.

In the evening, April 1, during the evacuation ot the wounded, two resuscitation vehicles were damaged as the settlement of Zaytseve was shelled from mortars. There were no victims among the members of the crews.

Reports from the territory controlled by Ukraine:

Thirteen people are living in frontline Piski, the Donetsk region, now. Before the war, 2.5 thousand people lived in the elite settlement. Locals survive thanks to humanitarian aid delivered by servicemen.

News from the occupied territory:

«Donetsk City» mall partially reopened in Donetsk on April 2. A lot of people gathered outside the mall several hours before the opening. As there are not many places in the city where one can buy clothes, it takes locals only a couple of days to buy all the goods in newly-opened shops.

Igor Ponomarenko, «first deputy» of  Igor Martynov, «head» of the occupational administration was detained in Donetsk. The reason is not known yet. Earlier, he had been the nead of the «Bureau of technical inventory».

One of militants’ commanders (call name «Batya»)  died in the Donetsk region. He was the head of Horlivka militants together with a militant with a call name «Boatswain». «Batya» was in charge of entrepreneur issues in the town in 2014.

In the picture he is together with his son who is also a member of an illegal armed formation

Today, Donetsk which is seized by the «DPR» faction is still full of militants’ propaganda about fighting corruption, protecting motherland and old-new Aleksandr Zakharchenko’s slogans.

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