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Main News of Donbas: “LPR” against the OSCE Police Mission; Two Ukrainian servicemen captured

Main News of Donbas: “LPR” against the OSCE Police Mission; Two Ukrainian servicemen captured

Reports from the front

Two Ukrainian servicemen were captured by militants near occupied Horlivka. The information was presented by Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, PA spokesperson on ATO related issues. Besides, three Ukrainian militaries were wounded in the ATO zone during the last day.

News from the territory controlled by Ukrainian Government

Employment, social security of IDPs, low salaries especially of budget workers – teachers, doctors, and others –  are the most disturbing problems for Mariupol residents.

Slovyansk mayor is asked to pay attention to English. At the Viche (rally of the citizens), activists asked the local administration to write name of streets in two languages – Ukrainian and English – while renaming them during the process of decommunization. “The situation is strange: the streets have been renamed, but there are no plates with the new street names. On the other hand, a lot of foreigners come to our town, and they don’t understand Cyrillic. I think it would be good to translate the names into English. Besides, in 2016, in accordance with the presidential decree, 2016 has been decaled the Year of English in Ukraine”, says Anton Novikov, head of the representation of “The Foundation of Public Initiatives”.

News from the occupied territory

“LPR” militants claim they can guarantee safety for “voters, candidates, journalists and monitors”, as it was said by Igor Plotnitsky, “LPR head”. “We do not need any international OSCE Police Mission”, said he in response to the words of Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine who said about involving this OSCE mission. “All the things connected with the elections should be discussed with us in Minsk, not behind our backs in New York”, said Plotnitsky. He warned Western partners of Ukraine against “acting rashly”.

Several tanks with fuel which were moving along the railroad track exploded in occupied Krasnodon (the Luhansk region).  According to the sites which are controlled by the “LPR” faction, two 60 tanks tons each which contained diesel fuel were on fire. One of the tanks turned over, the fuel splashed and two carriages with coal that were standing nearby caught fire.

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