Новости Донбасса

Main news of Donbas: 7 children hospitalized with poisoning; “DPR” to reseize power in Donetsk

Main news of Donbas: 7 children hospitalized with poisoning; “DPR” to reseize power in Donetsk

News for April 5-6

Reports from the front

ATO press service reports that there were 76 attacks on Ukrainian positions in the Donbas in the last 24 hours. None of Ukrainian servicemen perished, four were wounded. A civilian was wounded in a mine explosion in Selidove.

News from the territory controlled by Ukrainian Government

Seven children got poisoned with chemical substsnce in Kramatirsk (the Donetsk rehgion). A group of 5-6 children got poisoned today at the nursing school #69. According to preliminary information, a teacher confused two kettles and gave children bleach instead of tea. All children are in the intensive care unit now and the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating into the case.

People’s deputies and experts are to visit Kramatorsk on April 7. A meeting of the Commission on human rights, national minorities and international relations of Verkhovn Rada of Ukraine is to visit te city.  The Committee is also to visit the places in Svyatohirsk where IDPs leave and “some other objects” in the region.

News from the occupied territory

The illegal “DPR” organization had officially regognized the fact that one of the members of Donetsk occupatioal ”administration” was arretsed. The grouping claims that Igor Ponomarenko, “deputy mayor”, was arrested while getting a bribe.

There are six unemployed people per one employed in occupied Horlivka, said Stanislav Kim, head of the occupational “administration” of the town and “DPR” member on April 4. “If we do not feel the budget now, we will have nothing left. We will leave as untouchables in India or the Indians in reservations”, said the “DPR” member during a meeting with the workers of “Khlibny Don” company (a bread baking plant in the occupied town). Separatist resources claim that the workers of the enterprise asked the “republic” to “nationalize” their plant calling this “state governing”.

On Thursday, April 7, the “DPR” faction is going to hold rallies devoted to seizing administrative building of Donetsk State Administration two years ago. The members of the “DPR” facton call this day “Day of  DPR proclamation”. They are going to reconstruct the events which happened two years ago, namely, a rally on Lenin square and seizing the Regional Administration building. Two years ago, when the crowd had broken into the session hall of Donetsk city council, they voted for establishment of the so-called “Donetsk people’s republic”.

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