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During two months we were deprived of everything

During two months we were deprived of everything

Journalist of Donbas public TV spoke to a resident of the settlement of Semenivka in the program «Donetsk Dialogue». This woman has gone through the horrors of the war and lost her house and business.

«During two months we were deprived of everything, of the house, of our business. We have nothing, only life. Out house is in the state of emergency; we can't repair it as the roof will fall down», Anastasiya Lazarenko from Semenivka tells her story.

The house was being ruined gradually. First, it was shelled, and the windows were damaged, and the yard. Then militants placed their sniper inside the house and arranged their base here. Due to that the house was in danger.

«We were in the house when the shelling started. It was 8 o'clock in the morning. We hid ourselves in the room with no windows to protect ourselves from debris. We spent there an hour and a half listening to the shelling. A launcher shell flew into one of the rooms and exploded there. We were scared. Words fail me to describe what we went through during that hour and a half. Then a gas station nearby exploded. We saw corpses taken away from the kitchen gardens and fields. Then people abandoned their homes and looting started. We did not leave; we did not want to lose the house and what was inside. Then we were expelled from our home. One morning my husband was met at the gate by 20 armed people They pointed the gun at my husband and ordered him to open the door. They got inside and threw us out. We could take only passports with us. The terrorists lived in our house, used our utensils and domestic appliances, and took jewelry with them when they left», Anastasiya Lazareva tells her story.

“Our family business is 20 years old. Several generations have been engaged in growing plants — my husband's family and my husband himself. They have put their sole in it”, says Anastasiya. The situation is a stroke for the whole family when they lost their business together with their home «Our 20-year old family business was started from a scratch by my husband's mom. The developed and had reached the stage when we had our own place where we could sell plants. My husband himself grafted and propagated plants. In spring we usually invest money in new stuff to sell, and in the spring 2014 we had just delivered the new plants. The whole place was covered with pot plants. All of them burnt down. The place is in crates and everywhere there are burnt plants worth 4 million Hryvnyas. My mother-in-law who launched the business could not come to see what had been done to her business as she was scared and have no strength to see that. We would like to restore the house. We do not speak about the plants. We lost a lot of money and the business. Nobody comes here to buy plants as the bridge was ruined. Nothing is left», says Anastasiya.

«The first thing you have to do is to file a suit to the state of Ukraine for the compensation of damaged housing and business. You may take documents from suppliers which will confirm your investment in the business. You may ask for expert evaluation of your business and then file a suit to restore your housing and business. You should do it as the territory has been liberated and it happened quite a long time ago», says lawyer Tetyana Ivanova.

Anastasiya Lazareva has a lot of questions to the authorities. However, the main thing is she wants them to understand the victims of the conflict and asks officials to put themselves in her place.
«What would they do if they were me? If their children were in my place? If they were treated like me?», asks Anastasiya.

«The world community has several grant programs which help restore business. For example, Polish government will donate money to support such projects», Oleksandr Voloshkov, Social Policy Minister's adviser, comments on the situation.

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