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"They are in no joking mood": 10 tips on how to behave in the occupied Donetsk. Part 3

"They are in no joking mood": 10 tips on how to behave in the occupied Donetsk. Part 3

For many people of Donetsk who left the occupied territory and moved to the "mainland", the question about the specifics of behavior in the capital of Donbas is not actual no more. However, those who want to come for the first time in Donetsk after its occupation, it is necessary to know some nuances that may relate both citizens with a local residence permit, and those who have decided to come there from other regions of the country.

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6) Curfew.

One of the most specific moments is the curfew.

Get used that Donetsk stands still at every evening. In the official "republican" websites the set curfew period is from 23:00 to 05:00. However, many online portals still provide the figure "from 22:00" which is why there could be a confusion. In any case, the city began to empty from eight in the evening and by 22:00, you are unlikely to find someone. Whatever it was, your stay in the streets also should be limited to 10 p.m.: trust me if you run into a patrol convinced in the curfew reference from 22:00 you couldn't prove anything to anyone, and at best you will spend several days digging trenches.

The general atmosphere of the city does not invite to walk in after 22:00. Do not forget that despite the outward friendliness of the paseo or the central boulevards, both Ukrainian fighters and civilians (including I.A. Kozlovsky whose fate is still unknown) are in captivity now in the undergrounds of "MGB" building where all is in dead earnest given an article of the local Criminal code with the death penalty for espionage.

7) Prices.

As for prices, they are roughly the same as Ukrainian in the food sector, and not essentially differ from the latter both to the greater and to the smaller side. Prices in non-food sphere are too high, so do not even think to buy clothes here: it makes no sense and be much more expensive. Prices for travel: 3 rubles for trams and trolleybuses, 6-7 rubles for city buses, 15 rubles for the route Donetsk-Makiyivka, and 30 rubles for the route Donetsk Khartsyzsk.

8) Weapons.

Firstly, it should be okay with and get used to the permanent environment of men in uniform with guns and pistols, including public places such as parks and stops.
There are also people in civilian with a gun at the ready: not often, but it happens. As a rule, they are military men, too.

If you are stopped by a man in uniform and asked for the documents you should behave as natural and easy as you can; do not attempt to joke. Again, check the documents is often phenomenon of evening adventures when you are "on the edge" of the curfew. Such troubles almost do not occur by day.

Second, in "DPR" bearing of registered firearms by civilians is permitted; it should be considered if not as a possible protection option (if you are coming for a long time) then at least in the case of conflict situations with civilians who may well have a pistol.

9) Photo and video shooting.

It is prohibited to shoot government buildings and residential buildings near them. They may pick up the camera, delete the video, or send you to a commandant's office "until the circumstances are clarified" (most often, all together). The rest is for full play. However, even you are photographing a park, you may be asked to show your passport because the general atmosphere of paranoia regarding subversive and intelligence groups has not been canceled.

10) Topics of communication.

Do not talk about politics both in the streets and in public places or by phone. Firstly, it is uncustomary here, and secondly, denunciations of "suspects" is still common practice; and you don't need the extra problems.

Implementation of these simple rules will allow you not only to visit the city, but also leave it safely.
Stas Vasin for "OstroV", Donetsk

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