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Main News of Donbas: Life in villages near the frontline; «DPR» unexpectedly cancelled the celebration of its own «anniversary»

Main News of Donbas: Life in villages near the frontline; «DPR» unexpectedly cancelled the celebration of its own «anniversary»

Situation at the front

Illegal armed formations opened fire 67 times during the last day, according to the ATO Headquarters.

«The grey zone»

Checkpoint Stanytsya Luhanska will stop working starting from April 8, as the ATO Heasquarters' press center informs. «The shelling of the area near checkpoint Stanytsya Luhanska by militants has been non-stop for a week. For the safety of the civilians who cross the demarcation line at this checkpoint, the Headquarters of the ATO on the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions have made the decision to temporarily suspend its work starting from April 8». This checkpoint is the only one working in the Luhansk region, and it is only for pedestrians.

Residents of the settlement of Zovanka ask Ukrainian authorities not to forget about them. In this frontline settlement, which administratively belongs to occupied Horlivka, there is no gas; there are frequent electricity and water supply failures. In order to get to the nearest town — Bakhmut — one should walk to checkpoint Zaytseve which is in 4 km. Locals, mainly senoir citizens, emphasize that it is difficult for them to cover that distance, if, for example, they want to buy food in Bakhmut.

In frontline town of Maryinka, the Donetsk region, 41 civilians have perished because of  hostilities during a year and a half. The Ukrainian Parliament press service presented this information. Since August 11, 2014, 54 civilians have been wounded. At present, 7,300 people are left in Maryinka, with 986 of them — IDPs. 78 flats in 16 multi-storey houses  and 77 private houses have been totally destroyed; 311 flats in 52 multi-storey houses and 689 private houses have been partially destroyed.

Situation on the occupied territory

«DPR» illegal grouping cancelled the celebration of the anniversary of the seizure of the building of Donetsk regional state administration. Separatists do not inform about the reason for the decision. They were going to take city residents to the city center by special buses. A «News of Donbas» correspondent was informed that the transfer of the people was cancelled, and the celebrarion events may not take place at all. Nobody knows why.

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