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Life in frontline Dzerzhynsk

Life in frontline Dzerzhynsk

A year has passed since the time when illegal «DPR» groupings left Dzerzhynsk. However, people's mood and opinions are controversial. The situation in Dzerzhynsk is not simple. People hear cannonade practically every day, and the town outskirts are shelled.  «Donetsk Dialogue» journalists of Donbas Public TV have visited the town.

The majority of the people living there is senior ones and not socially protected. They have no place and no money to leave for another place.

«Kindergartens are working, but from time to time the administration call and say, 'Take you children home. It's urgent. There will be shelling!' You rush to the kindergarten, but everything is peaceful and quiet. Novhorodsk is being shelled,  Stakhanivska street which is near Horlivka», says Tetyana, a resident of Dzerzhynsk.

Tetyana is a single mother. She does not have enough money and hopes to get some humanitarian aid. However, she does not find her name on the list.

«It will take me a lot of time to get the certificate in the social security office that the income of my family is low. Humanitarian aid is given, first of all, to IDPs, single mothers, people with limited abilities, and retired people older than 65. Other people do not want to eat! It isn’t fair when IDPs get pensions here and there, on the territory controlled by «DPR», and the same about the humanitarian aid; meanwhile, we are not included in any category. I am 45, but I'm retired as i worked at a chemical plant. My pension is not big», Tetyana from Dzerzhynsk complains.

Mariya Pavlivna has to consider a penny. She is 85 and she takes care of the disabled son.

«He was born in 1957 and he is blind. My pension is 1200 Hryvnyas. I have to pay for utilities: gas, light, rent, garbage removal — total sum is 450 Hryvnyas. What is left then? I am 85. I am a WWII participant. I worked at a construction site for 26 years; I constructed houses. Now I'm a beggar», says Mariya Palvivna.

Inna represents a religious organization which has delivered humanitarian aid from Slovyansk the town residents. She explains why the aid is not given to everyone.

«This initiative was spontaneous. This is the mission of «Emmanuel» church. The representatives of the church came here about a week ago and distributed bread, diapers, and took the people’s contact information. There were about 400 contacts; so, these people were invited to the today's event. The contact information from the people who have come today will be taken. Next time these people will be invited and will get the aid».

People say that that they need everything, from food to medicines. A special category is single mothers and people with limited abilities.

«The situation with IDPs is more or less OK here thanks to the Red Cross which is working in the town.
However, local people suffer a lot because of unemployment. Those who work for mines, maintenance offices, utilities services are paid parts of their wages. We have arranged help to such people. And of course, we try to cover disabled people, those who we know», says Inna.

Anastasiya, a young mother, is among the lucky people who got the humanitarian aid this time.

«Our kid is seven years old; he is afraid of shelling and tries to hide himself, even under the table. We went to relax to Shchurove and there was shelling too. It happened that there was a polygon nearby, not a day without shooting. It's difficult to get used to it», a local woman says.

«MM are lying. They say illegal grouping are shelling. No, the shelling is from us», a local comments.
This information is presented to locals by TV every day.

«Now it is quiet in Kramatorsk, but «DPR» news informs that there will be battles», a local says, and the information is confirmed by local patriots.

«TV, radio, and the Internet are the main tools of «DPR» propaganda. We have told about that to our governor Zhebrivskiy. He promised to solve the problem within three weeks. The term has expired, but nothing has changed. «DPR» TV was and is here now», local activists say.

Activists have their own vision of the situation. «Dzerzhynsk needs, at least, two years to reflect on the situation. Then people will start understanding what is going on», a local activist comments on.

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