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Main news of Donbas: “DPR” supporters rebel against militants; Donetsk region Governor’s income

Main news of Donbas: “DPR” supporters rebel against militants; Donetsk region Governor’s income

Reports from the front:

There were 64 attacks of illegal armed formations on Ukrainian positions in the ATO zone in the last 24 hours. There had been 91 attacks the day before, according to the information provided by ATO HQ press centre. None of Ukrainian servicemen perished in the last 24 hours, two were woumded. Two civilians were wounded as a result of militants’ shellings in the Donetsk region on April 8 and April 10.

A civilian was heavily wounded by militants’ sniper in Maryinka on April 11. Vyacheslav Abroskin, Chief of the Main Police Department of the Donetsk region, reported that the man died on the way to hospital.

Residents of the villages of Yakovlivka and Mineralne, which are controlled by the “DPR”, do not like the fact that militants launch artillery from their yards. They are going to organize a rally outside the seized administration building where the members of the faction including Aleksandr Zakharchenko placed their “offices”. Besides,  villagers threaten to block Kyivsky avenue in Donetsk.

Reports from the territory controlled by Ukraine

Pavlo Zhebrivsky, head of Donetsk regional state military and civil administration, stated in his tax declaration that his income in 2015 was  525 000 UAH. He also owns one patch of land, a house in Kyiv, three patches of land in the Zhytomyr region (891 square metres), a garage (43 square metres) and a car (VAZ  21093, made in 1993).

The number of unemployed has grown considerably in Mariupol in the last two years. On of the reasons is the fact that a lot of workers of big plants, in patilcular, “Azovmash”, have been made redundant. Once prospective manufacturer is now declining. Local politicians and people’s deputies have paid attention to the problem.  According the their words, if the Ministry of Defense places orders at “Azovmash”, this will allow the plant to restore workplaces. However, ex-workers of the enterprise are not sure that it is possible to relaunch the plant in the near future. “So many things have been dismantled and taken away or sold for scrap metal. Some machines are missing, I know this for sure. Electric wires were stolen in some shop floors. No one works there, people come just to see if there are any problems, so even wires got missing”, says Liudmyla Mykhalo, ”Azovmach” ex-worker.

Reports from the occupied territory:

Champaign with so-called “DPR” excise labels is on sale in supermakets of the occupied part of the Donetsk region. The labels of the alcoholic beverages claim that the champaign was produced by Artemovsk Winery Company (the Donetsk region). The town of Artemivsk is under Ukrainian control. There is a flag of the illegal “DPR” organization on excise labels. 

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