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Main news of Donbas: “DPR” members get sacked; Akhmetov’s role in Donbas

Main news of Donbas: “DPR” members get sacked; Akhmetov’s role in Donbas

Reports from the front:

ATO Headquarters report that there were 79 attacks on Ukrainian positions along all the demarcation line in the last 24 hours.

Militants conducted another artillery strike on Avdiivka in the evening of April 11. There were no casualties among civilians, but the secodnary school #4 was damaged as a result. Krasnoarmiysk police department (the Donetsk region) reports that the roof and windows of the building were damaged in the explosion. The kids had already left school by that time. The school boiling house was damaged as well. “Despite the accident, children continue their studies today. Currently, there are 102 pupils here”, reads the report. 

Reports from the territory controlled by Ukraine

The Donbas is not controlled by financial and industrial groups, according to Pavlo Zhebrivsky’s (head of Donetsk regional military and state administration) opinion.  “They do not hold the power, I am sure of this. If there are any regions in Ukraine where politics is separated from business, then these are the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Businesspeople do not influence the authorities at all”, said the Governor.  He also emphasized that the task in not to destoy big industrial enterprises which belong to influential businessmen, but to launch new enterprises. Zhebrivsky said that Rinat Akhmetov still influences “some people” in the Donbas. “This is because his plants which are registered in Ukraine work here and on the occupied territory as well. Besides, his humanitarian aid influences people.”

Reports from the occupied territory:

Head of illegal “DPR” grouping Aleksandr Zakharchenko thinks that the occupation of Mariupol by militants would lead to the early conclusion of  hostilities. “Mariupol should not have been handed over after Debaltseve. If I had not been wounded, we would have continued the advance, and the war would have been over. I would like to change a lot, but everything has its time. It happened, so it had to happen”, he claimed.

According to the footage of a reconnaissance drone (“Sestry Peremohy” Fund), militants made military bases and annumition depots in the occupied town of Novoazovsk. 

Member of the illegal “DPR” organization Roman Lyagin, who called himself “chairperson of the “DPR” central election commission”, was dismissed. The “DPR” occupation administration claims that he was dismissed for “the neglection of his duties”. The administration also claims that he systematically violated labor discipline and was involved in activities which were beyond his responsibility, including the ones aimed at his personal enrichment. Lyagin headed the so-called “central election commission” during the illegal survey which they called "referendum” held on May 11, 2014.”

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