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Main news of Donbas: Russian militaries beat local militants; Akhmetov’s plant does not want to change the name

Main news of Donbas: Russian militaries beat local militants; Akhmetov’s plant does not want to change the name

Situation at the front

One serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine perished and one more was wounded in the ATO zone, as reported by Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, AP spokesperson on ATO related issues.
Reports from the controlled territory

On April 13, Slovyansk residents commemorated the first victims of the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine. They lit candles at the cross with the photographs of two officers of the Security Service of Ukraine – Henadiy Bilichenko and Oleksandr Anishchenko.

In Kramatorsk, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) officers detained a militant of “Vostok” grouping of the “DPR” organization. According to the SSU information, in 2014, the detained the person was organizing the illegal “referendum” in the town and was on duty at checkpoints.  He joined the “Vostok” grouping in 2015. “When I arrived at the base, my papers were taken away including the passport; I was given a uniform and a gun and was sent to a checkpoint to check vehicles and documents of people to identify those with local registration. When I returned to the military base, I was offered to sign a one-year contract to serve in the “DPR” army with a salary of 15 thousand roubles a month. Later I made the decision to leave the “DPR” army as the service did not meet my expectations. Uniforms, weapons, food are in scarce supply; there are constant rebukes from Russian militaries; some militants were even beaten by them”, claimed the detained militant.

Staff of Mariupol Metallurgical plant named after Illyich initiates a new way to interpret the name of the plant, saying that it is named after Zota Illyich Nekrasov, metallurgist and not after Vladimir Illyich Lenin. This information is presented on the site of the plant newspaper. Thus, it is not necessary to change the name in accordance with the Decommunization Law.

News from the occupied territory

Students picketed the office of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Luhansk.  Young people were holding posters with words: “Shame on OSCE”, “Make Ukraine obey Minsk Agreements”, “OSCE does not guarantee peace”, “OSCE is the shame of Europe”. 

Adverts offering trips to the Russian Federation, the Crimea or the territory which is controlled by Ukraine are still as popular as they were half a year ago in Donetsk and other towns on the occupied territory.

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