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Main news of Donbas: Ukrainian servicemen disarmed a militants’ “Somali”; The central square of Donetsk was mined

Main news of Donbas: Ukrainian servicemen disarmed a militants’ “Somali”; The central square of Donetsk was mined

Reports from the front

There were 36 attacks on Ukrainian positions in the Donbas on April 21, weapons which are banned by the Minsk Agreements were used 7 times and 7 times Ukrainian servicemen had to repel fire using small arms and grenade launchers.

According to the information provided by Andriy Lysenko, PA spokesperson on ATO related issues, two Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in the last 24 hours.

Maryinka disctrict (the Donetsk region) was shelled at night, Krasnohorivka resident was wounded as a result and residential houses were damaged.

Ukrainian servicemen disarmed a militants’ sabotage-reconnaissance group in Avdiivka industiral zone (the Donetsk region) on April 19. Several “Somali” militants were captured. They said that they cannot leave their positions as there is a barrier squad consisting of Russian servicemen behind them.

News from the territory which is controlled by the Ukrainian government

About two hectares of land in Novotoshkivske vicinity (the Luhansk region) cannot be used for agricultural purposes due to mines and explosives planted in the ground.  Agricultural company which leases this land suffers losses. 

News from the occupied territory

Four road workers were wounded by a piece of an unknown object which exploded in occupied Stakhanov. The blast occured when they were cleaning the street. The workers heard some hissing sound and then a loud bang.

There was a report that the central square of Donetsk was mined in the afternoon on April 22. Lenin square, benches, rubbish bins and trees which are located there were checked, Postysheva street which is situated nearby was blocked.

The illegal “DPR” faction is going to close the only mine in Kalininsky district of Donetsk as the demand for the coal which is mined there is low. About 800 people work there currently.

Enterprises which are registered in Ukraine and did not re-register on the territory which is controlled by the illegal “DPR” grouping still work in occupied Donetsk and pay taxes to the Ukrainian budget. 

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