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Prospects of reintegration for Donbas. Part 2

Prospects of reintegration for Donbas. Part 2

Here gossip has started again that Ukraine should urgently reintegrate Donbas in some way, solve problems arising in connection with the reintegration and, therefore, in every possible way to pose as providers of progress at a barbaric planet.

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Where is Donbas here?

The current intensification of the negotiation process grows from Europe in full; so it means that you may forget about any prospects for the reintegration. European exhortations and concerns affect a Russian tank in the medium term even worse than Ukrainian pensions.

Actually, the main gripe with this argument generally makes discussion futile because it sounds like this: "Wazzup? Donbas is already being returned?" Well, people still debate about what to do, and when Donbas will be returned, as if this would happen in the foreseeable future. But there is no reasonable basis for such confidence.

"DPR" and "LPR" are governed by Russian ministries. They're trying to establish some kind of more or less autonomous enclaves. Additional cash-in from Ukraine would not be out of place, but they bring Russian peace there not to return it all back to us?

Where did this belief come from that someone is ready to return something to us or implement his part of the Minsk agreements? As we remember, the agreement is bilateral, and the Great Helmsman of the unrecognized republics of the former Soviet Union was forced to sign annexes to the Agreement for good reason.

No willingness is visible from the other part to carry out their part of the agreements. Surkov frankly told Americans that the Kremlin will not give up the border to Ukraine because in that moment when somebody in the Kremlin would tell to someone that it just getting ready to give up the border to anyone this will be known to everybody. Former KGB servicemen and other security officers will begin to make cash-out, and "militants" will begin to remove mixers and take out furniture. We will see the biggest rat race in history. All Russian and pro-Russian-stoned that can crawl, walk, ride and has not purchased future from Akhmetov will rush to the treasured exclusion zone in any way.

And the entire Russian game will be broken.

Some would say that before the "border" there is the item about "elections". Sure, not a problem. Let's talk of elections.

As for the elections, the head of Natalia Nikanorova who in combination treads the boards of "Foreign Minister of DPR" well said speaking according to the Kremlin's gag orders:

"We support that in local elections there will participate only self-nominated persons cast their lot with Donetsk and other settlements where voting will be. Moreover, all those who being in the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) or otherwise on behalf of the relevant political forces supported holding of ATO, or supports centralization of power in Ukraine, can not be admitted to the elections".

None of that said by Natalia was not written in the Minsk agreements. Because it's all just a bunch of some words with vague legal sense.  "Cast their lot with Donetsk"  - What is this at all? Is this a scan of consciousness of Rinat Akhmetov?

We observe just another Kremlin's wish list that in simple terms sounds as: "We will give only to hold elections without a choice".

That is the Kremlin did not suggests no concessions to Ukraine. The present situation is comfortable to the Kremlin enough. The Kremlin is not going to give away or return nothing to anyone in the near future.

We can not accept the Kremlin's terms, as even the authoritarian Kremlin can hardly afford one of Kadyrov and Ukraine can not afford as much as two of them so clearly. Even if they have the surnames which end with traditional Ukrainian "-ko" or "-iy", and not with "-ov".

A tankman in a Russian tank did not receive and will not receive any orders because everything is fine for the old farts in the Kremlin. And it will be fine a couple of years, most likely. Those old farts do not think over an extended time for the reason of Nasreddin's dilemma.

Accordingly, as soon as Ukraine will implement the Minsk agreements items, nothing will happen. That is, nothing at all, but increase in the internal tense situation in our country. Because KGB servicemen add more new conditions to the basic list of terms before anyone could perform the ones that are.

As a result, Ukraine should very believable simulate the implementation of its part of the agreements, since Russia is not going to implement anything and does not stoop even to imitations.

Then, why Minsk agreements have been concluded if no one is going to follow them?

I do not know what a tricky multimove game has been designed by the Kremlin, and Ukraine concluded the truce, first of all, to reduce the number of casualties. And to lure Russia on a diplomatic minefield (and has lured). We can not afford to lose fifty people a day. Just can not, and that's it.

It is better to fight by the diplomatic papers than by men. Or by money.

Yes, the war is in Donbas, but not for Donbas. Not for the territory, nevertheless the Kremlin propagandists convince all people of otherwise.

War goes for Ukraine.

War goes for that Russian tanks should not stuck its barrel directly to your window, and a specially trained idiot should not pontificate to you from the tank turret that he urgently needed some other Ukraine because the nowadays willful Ukraine has shown severe and fuckton disrespect for guys from the Kremlin.

All processes, for example, on return to normalcy, on reintegration or pension payments, run into Russian tanks.

Legs of propagandists are on Russian tanks, too.

And pensioners are not here, as you can see.

Anton Shvets
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