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Gubarev had swastikas on the walls of his room, and devils have been carried to Donetsk from Russia: how the war began. Part 4

Gubarev had swastikas on the walls of his room, and devils have been carried to Donetsk from Russia: how the war began. Part 4

Vitaliy Ovcharenko is one of the so-called "ultras" of Donetsk "Shakhtar" football club, a civic activist, a fighter of volunteer battalion, a voluntary servant, and a journalist. In the interview with the journalist of ONLINE.UA Yaroslav Grebenyuk, Vitaliy spoke about "rumbles" between ultras, early political career of Pavel Gubarev, calculation of uniformed “green men” without insignia in the Crimea and the first deadly clashes with separatists in Donetsk with that the war began in 2014.

"I raised my eyes: in front of me is the blighter with a knife. It seemed to me that he understood all and assessed: kill me or not to kill"?

- We decided to make the markings before the fight to wound red scotch on sleeves in order to distinguish our fellows. And in anticipation that it will be bad, I decided to wind only one lap to break it easily. Generally, it has saved me then. I said to Bogdan who now works as a journalist in Kiev: "Bogdan, do not wind much: the whole business stinks to high heaven!"

We had to protect the scene, but all quickly ended: the rumble begun, using batons and sticks they swept us, people began to fall, and bandits began to kill them. I and Bogdan burst from the crowd, in a split second squeezed between a bus and a paddy waggon. And then we noticed at McDonald's building a second separatist group: large, and its leaders had radio sets. They were waiting for what will end the first attack of the battle group. Even if we kept the line, they would strike behind.

Titushky and ultras, March 13, 2014
- That is, after the lesson on March 5, they had a tactic?

- Yes. And, most likely, it was the police in civilian clothes: this style of clothing, demeanor, something on the face... who have long studied knows what I mean.

I and Bogdan rushed to rescue our fellows. So I did: intruding into the crowd which beats someone I began to scream, "Enough already to this Bandera, he already got his! Let's go further to kick the crap out! " The lifted that poor fellow and quietly told him: "Get the fuck out!" It is clear that I tore the red scotch off the hands. And then we went along the boulevard ... I forgot the name of it! So much for!..) We moved down the boulevard, and there they continued to beat our fellows. I continued to use the same tactics, sat on the guy which was beaten by them, and tried to persuade - say, it's enough already!

And then there was the first time when I was near to be killed. That is to say: I was on the verge of death.

Weapons of titushki collected after the rally. Photo: Lyubov Rakovitsa

Fellow is beaten, I crawled up and sat on him, try to rip scotch discreetly, and scotch is on his sleeve being thoroughly wound - he tried! I had such a jacket, sweatshirt, and a windbreaker. I covered him trying to disrupt the adhesive tape. Then I look up - a blighter is with a knife in front of me. And he looks appreciatively at me. It seemed to me that he has understood all and appreciated: kill me or not to kill? A shiver went down my spine - he was close, one move exactly - and fubar. I lay down again waiting for his hit. Then I stood up, that fellow has scrambled, the crowd still has beat him, I began again: "Yes, it's already enough for him!" And the crowd rushed forward. I raise that guy, and said:

"Get out of here quietly"

A crowd has moved on to beat hard the third one under the trees, literally by heels to his temples aiming to finish him, his face was completely moulded into a jumble, I've tried to protect him. And then I realized that can not handle, and that they already beat me to the full killing me with him. I jump up, break through the crowd and I see - a cop goes! It took me literally five seconds. I grab him by the arm saying: "My friend, help, save the man!" He breaks out, I try to persuade: "You are a cop, help!" And so we turn around - and there is no one! Neither the separatists, nor that guy; I do not even know what happened to him, whether is alive?

In general, there is a rumor that at that day a few people was killed except Cherniavskiy. But relatives were afraid to inform the public about these facts.

To be continued...

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