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Being free from junta, fascists, and everything human Part 1

Being free from junta, fascists, and everything human Part 1

Olena Stepova Glavpost

In my thoughts, I am constantly coming back to the events of the horrible time of the autumn 2013 – March 2014 (the period of Maidan and the “Russian spring”) when MM of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, officials, prosecutors, police, and deputies of all ranks and levels were shouting and convincing,”The power in Kyiv has been seized by Banderovtsy (members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists; Stepan Bandera was the ideologist of the Organization) and nationalists. There was coup d'etat in Kyiv. They hate us. Ukrainian fascists are coming here to kill civilians and to ruin our towns”.

“Units of self-defense” appeared in Sverdlovsk after passionate speeches by city mayor and people's deputy of Ukraine, the sixth convocations, Aleksandr Koval that “fascists were coming”. People were confused: sinful and more sinful, fascism and “russism”, Russian chauvinism and neo-fascism, nationalism and nazism, policy and regionals who manipulated them trying to create a picture of Ukraine which would be suitable for them, for the world, and for Putin in order to bargain for some preferences for themselves.

All people were waiting for and were frightened by fascists. By nazis. By nationalists. All people were afraid of death, destruction, and riots.

I ask my compatriots:

- Have you seen fascists, at least, once?

- No, only on TV.

- What about nazis and nationalists?

- No, only on TV.

- Have you gone to Ukraine from your “l-dpr”?

Some people yes; some people no. Some went to get pensions, to hospital, to visit relatives or children. Others have not left “dpr”.

Those who have left less and less believe that there are fascists, nationalists, hunger in Ukraine and other “l-dpr” propaganda delirium. Those, who have not left are ready to agree with the propaganda, but they are hesitating: it is shown on TV, and people say ...

Today I would like to speak about fascism. About murders. About destructions as people waited for them. And it happened!

For a long time I could not understand why people there did not see the crimes committed there. Then I understood that in the Donbas each person perceives only a personal threat. Very few people think globally and perceive the limitation of rights and freedoms as a violation of their personal space.

It is simple: each person has their private space and values included into it. Each person has his or her own freedom and its perception.

Personal freedom! Nonsence! – an everyman will say. And fascism, the war, and the “Russian spring” have nothing to do with it.

OK, I will explain! Now it is necessary to explain. Not to Ukrainians, but to those who waited for and is living in the “Russian world” on the “liberated” territories.

Personal freedom is ghostly. You are accustomed to walking along a street, talking on the phone, taking selfies, drink beer in a park, drive a car, ride a scooter, go to the country, get some salary, spend the money, etc. This is personal freedom. You do not think about it till the time when it suddenly disappears.

And it is taken away, but not by ghostly Banderovtsy who have not come to the Donbas, but those who you were waiting for, asking to come, those who you thought were your defenders.

Well, let us look through this list of freedoms.

Were ATMs and banks robbed by Banderovtsy in the Donbas? Were “Metro”, “Epicenter”, jewelry shops, food shops, kiosks, markets, businesses robbed by “Ukrops” (the name of Ukrainians given by Russians with which they try to humiliate Ukrainians, but for us, Ukrainians, the word is not offensive), fascists, nazis?

“Novorossy” (residents of the fake republics) avoid answering the question as nothing hurts like the truth.

When Sverdlovsk, and Rovenki, and Donetsk, and Antratsyt, and Krasny Luch, and Luhansk were robbed, there were no Banderovtsy, no nationalists, no Ukrainian militaries, no National Guard soldiers, no Ukrainian volunteers. Only “self-defense” militants, as you call them, “our righteous guys”. Even Russian “guests “ were not so numerous; they were present at strategic  objects: police, security service, regional administrations. With bloodshot eyes, people with “colorado” bands (St George's bands) and Russian three-colour flags  were pulling out ATMs, shooting shop assistants, destroying shops, drinking stolen alcohol non-stop, stuffing their cars (also stolen ones) with fur-coats and canned goods. They called themselves “liberators”. Is that right? – Yes.

The first victims perished in “Metro” super-market in the town of Antratsyt were not shot, were not killed by Ukrainian “chasteners”. They died because of alcohol overdoses, the “free” alcohol stolen from “Metro”.

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