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Being free from junta, fascists, and everything human. Part 4

Being free from junta, fascists, and everything human. Part 4

They were extremely afraid of the invasion of Ukrainian fascists, nazis, and nationalists in the Donbas ...

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A young woman, who was absolutely exhausted, was walking along Tsyhankova Street in Sverdlovsk. She was greedily inhaling the spring air flavoured with apricot trees in blossom. She was rubbing her arms with violet-blue signs of the rope which hurt her skin. She was walking slowly, and was smiling looking at the trees in blossom. She lifted her face to the sun rays. And tears were flowing down her face. People were looking at her, turning back. They were puzzled; they shrugged their shoulders and  thought that she was mad. There are lots of blissful, laid-back, mad people in the street today. As a rule, people turn away. They understand that these are victims of violence and tortures. They try not to think about such things. The young woman made some steps and then there was an explosion.

Then “lpr” militia would inform briefly: there was an explosion in Tsyhankova Street. A corpse of A.L., born in 1980 and a resident of Sverdlovsk, was found there as a a result of the explosion. She was wounded by fragments and her limbs were amputated. Her arms were covered with the signs of ropes”.

A men who was involved in the investigation told me that they had discovered that the girl was kidnapped in the town. She was a captive and was being raped for a long time. In order to conceal the crime and the signs of the violence and tortures, the beasts tied a grenade between her legs. She made several steps as far as the rope allowed her – the murderers tied  a rope to her to be on the safe side. 

The grenade was fixed by a native of the town of Sverdlovsk, a member of illegal armed grouping “RIM”; his moniker is “chechen” ...

She was walking and she knew she would die – it was her farewell to life, to her family, to the man she loved, maybe, to her kid. Her each step, her each day spent in captivity and in violence, and her death is your fault, the fault of those who called for the “liberators” and “the russian world” to come, those who were under the influence of this propaganda, those who invented and are inventing this propaganda, who are trembling with fear, waiting for mythical “Banderovtsy”, promised by Kiselyov, to come and justifying the crimes of new fascists ...

… This article is not for Ukrainians. They are feeling compassion, crying, and praying. They are freezed with terror thinking about the criminal things taking taking place in the zone, even when they do not know the details.

This article is for you, “novorossy”, “l-dpr” citizens, those who love putin, russian-peace-lovers, vatniki (those who wear soviet traditional clothes – cheap padded jackets), to be more precise, for idiots.

Where is “junta”, “Ukrops”, “Banderovsty” in your towns? Nowhere! They are absent! You are being killed by your “liberators”. Who are fascists then? Who? You are silent and you justify even that, right? Yes, as we are Ukrops' propagandists.

You will never be brave enough to admit the truth; you will never be brave enough to read the reports on the investigation results of your own “lpr” prosecutor's office.

There is enough space in the hell, enough for those who have committed crimes and who have justified them.

– Oh, she was smiling; I didn't know that she was in danger, as one of the witnesses said. What I could do? Maybe, she had done something bad. They are the power, they know. These guys fought for us. She may have been an “Ukrop”.

… She was slowly walking among the apricot trees in blossom. There are apricot trees everywhere in the Donbas. And your are immersed in the lust, white-and-pink, light flavour, unseen, smoky, head-circling flavour which covers the town.

This year the sky above the Donbas is extremely blue. It is bright, dazzling blue, endless as the life itself. The anthracite grayness has disappeared as the majority of mines have stopped working. The smog has disappeared as there are much fewer and fewer cars on roads. Apricots are sometimes covered with dust. This is because of explosions. There are military exercises taking place on military training grounds of a “peaceful lpr”.

It is town “liberators” who “defend” the town from “fascists”.

She was walking among the apricot trees hearing the echo of distant explosions and she was smiling. She knew that she had several minutes of life left. She knew that the sky and the apricot trees were the eternity for her. But is it possible not to smile if you look at apricot trees in blossom?

Christ may have walked the same way to Golgotha.
Maybe, his executioners were walking by his side, indifferent and looking forward to the taste of forthcoming death and adrenaline because of committing a crucifiction.

Maybe, there were some people standing along the sides of the road who justified those who were taking him to the place of the execution.


We will never know for sure whether he was smiling walking toward his death, but I know for sure that she was.

Apricot trees of the Donbas! My white angels! Thank you that you were with her!

Olena Stepova Glavpost

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