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See Luhansk ... and not to die. Рart 2

See Luhansk ... and not to die. Рart 2

I have to say that there are no any global assessment of the situation and social and political analysis in this paper. I was only during one day (24 September 2014) in the city and can not describe the whole picture.

See Luhansk ... and not to die. Part 1

On e Volgogradskaya street buildings are intact, but there are no glasses in some windows. I went to the right address, knock at the gates. The dog barked furiously, but no one opened. I knocked at the window, the same result. I stood for 10 minutes, knocked and waited. The rain drove me crazy, old walnut tree broke down with a crunch near me. I began knocking the neighbors. A woman opened to me. "Aunt Natasha is at work", - she said. I left all the stocks to her, she promised to handover to the destination.

The next point is Nakhimova street. My friends lived there; they rented a house. When leaving, they left things, the washing machine, and computers. The owner of the house called me and said that the house was hit by a shell. So they asked to come and to look at all the details. In Nakhimova street, five houses were severely damaged, including the house of my friends.

There is no roof; gates were pierced by shrapnel. I could not come into the courtyard: it was closed. And I may be taken for a marauder, it is better not to go indoors. I went around, made a couple of photos and walked through puddles on. I went alone minding my own business, and here, judging by the sound, very close to me I heard machine gun fire. I began to look around warily, near two grannies go.

- Well, dear, shit your pants? Our defenders shot at the site behind the planting.

Indeed, there is a shooting range here. I was there shot when have been studying at the school yet. Just in case I went away, you never know what inexperienced rifles are there.

I went to my father-in-law into garage cooperative located behind the 10th polyclinic. He was surprised that I has showed up at such a weather, but was glad. We sat for 20 minutes and talked, and I walked on.

I went to stop by the maternity home in Yakira Street. Near the fence MLRS "Grad" stood openly, and next to it a couple of unidentified cars in camouflage mesh. Two dudes in the car unkindly looked at me, I steered clear of them, and rushed to stop.

At the bus stop near the polyclinic there were not a single person, it was after three p.m. and started to get dark. I stood waiting for 15 minutes, and then the green bus "Bogdan" came. In addition, free. I came to the "Marika" again, passed the road and saw the "Okay" store opened. Inside there were many candles burning like in the temple. People were few, but nevertheless, were.

There were quite a lot of products with good choice. Prices were affordable. I bought beer and mineral water and moved on to Sazonov quarter. Then I waded through yards in the quarter "50 let Octyabrya". It seems, buildings there were not damaged at all. There were many excavated pits; pipelines were repaired, and it was clear that they had been recently excavated. Pits were surrounded by a red ribbon, all is in a civilized manner.

In Sazonov quarter I had a bummer: there were no one. Then I went home. Here, the crossroads of Smolenskaya street where the supermarket "Semeyniy" is situated. Traffic lights worked. I stood waiting for the "green" light. From above, from the ring stop, the garbage truck went down (by the way, the city is cleaned from the garbage). Right there, a separatist jeep flew to intercept it at a red light. For a wonder, it has managed to the jeep to fly in millimeters from the garbage "Kamaz", and brakes have screeched... it was a beauty.

"Well, the man has got!" - I thought. And then the huge size driver, a real copy of boxer Valuev, got out of "Kamaz". He held in his hand whether the wrench, or steel bar. The driver approached to the jeep and screaming "I'm tired as fuck of your shit, motherfuckers!" began to beat with the piece of iron on the hood. "Our guys" with guns inside the jeep were a little amazed.

Random passers-by scattered in all directions, I looked for where to fall in a case of shootout. The man has hammered enough, calmed down, got into his garbage truck, and drove away. The militants has stayed silent. They went away done nothing. Bet my hand on that I've seen this with my own eyes.

I went to ring stop ("50 let Oktyabrya). There were broken trees around, all were dull and damp. There were no power supply at my home, and I was soaking wet and angry. Telephone has got wet, shut down, and gone to sleep. I drunk beer, and read old magazines. There were candles burning, and a death silence. Then I heard for sure a thick voice of TV set from the neighbors. I went out into the entrance, and there is a light! Damn, an unknown prick has unscrewed all safety plugs in the board. I found at home in the closet a couple, screwed in. Everything worked. I switched on my PC, and bumped music louder. Beer was over, I decided to go look for an open shop.

I went to the store "ATB", it was dark, all windows were covered by chipboard. I went to the immortal "Chas peak" by my house, and I saw the lights from the neighbors on the floor above! I went to them. They are alive and well, had come from Zhitomir. We sat for a while, ate, drank, drank, ate, and at 12 a.m. I went to my home.

See Luhansk ... and not to die. Рart 3

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