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See Luhansk ... and not to die. Рart 3

See Luhansk ... and not to die. Рart 3

I have to say that there are no any global assessment of the situation and social and political analysis in this paper. I was only during one day (24 September 2014) in the city and can not describe the whole picture.

See Luhansk ... and not to die. Part 1

See Luhansk ... and not to die. Рart 2

I has woke up early, drank tea, and ran again to the Sazonov quarter. I opened the door, and has seen in the vestibule 5 liters of water, a can of meat, and 2 bottles of beer. Plus a pack of cigarettes (and I do not smoke for many years). I went to the neighbors and said: well what for? It emerged they did not that. I have left water and cigarettes for them and ran down on my way. Who are you, my good man, thank you for a beer in the morning!

This time I was lucky, my girlfriend's father was at home. Traditional flasks with water were in the corridor. Power supply was not available, and we bundled in the light of a small flashlight. The resulting package had heavy weight, but no matter. I have promised to bring your things and I will bring.

I came back home and started to pack my things. First bag, second bag, the backpack, the box with a monitor, the box of goods and chattels, a lot of different packages. Fucking hell, how to take all this?I I came out to the ring road near the store "Chas pik". There is slightly used-up VAZ-2106; I asked the driver to give a lift to Zhukov quarter. He agreed for 40 hryvnyas. I alluded that it was necessary to go to me, pick up my clothes (about 300 meters from the ring stop). Price has increased up to 80 hryvnyas. I flipped over from the harsh realities of war-time economy in "LPR", and went across the street to another taxi driver. Right off the reel, I have offered 60 hryvniyas, the man agreed. Even helped me to take out all from the 4th floor.

Then we went to Vlad in Zhukov quarter. Near his home there were the water-carrier of "Vodomir" company and quite impressive line. People actively exchanged information, and communicated. No one swore and did not cut in line. I decided not to pull rags to the 5th floor, and stayed near the entrance.

Here comes Volodya with whom I once went to school. He has told how a shell had exploded directly in this yard. Volodya just had dinner in the kitchen, and gone to WC that has saved him. When he came out, the window was broken, a splinter had pierced the fridge and stuck in the closet at the hallway. Judging by the trajectory of the splinter, I would not talk with Volodya then. So it goes. At the same time, his neighbor, uncle Kolya, was killed in the yard, and some woman have been seriously wounded in the stairwell. There is still a big shell crater and broken trees near the building.

We talked for a long time, I wanted to discuss as much as possible, but it was only an hour to catch my train, and the taxi driver hurried me all the time. Vlad with his mother had packages no less than me, but, thank God, all has fit the large "Volga", and we went to the railway station. The driver drove through the "old town" and we have seen firsthand what was left of the Armenian cafe and dental center. Practically a pile of stones were on the place of the cafe. Oh, awesome sight.

We arrived at the train station, and there were hundreds of people!!!! All were in a hurry with huge trunks to catch the train. With short dashes, we dragged our belongings, barely squeezed into the packed car, stuffed everything by shelves, and being wet through sat and drunk mineral water. My mission has been accomplished, all were alive and kicking.

All was not as bad as it seemed. Well, maybe we were just lucky. I was lucky not to encounter personally with those who yesterday have been criminals and drug addicts, who took up guns and began to play in the war, and autonomy. I was lucky not to fall under attack. Lucky to safely arrive and depart from the beloved city. Thank God, "our guys" did not see off the train and did not screen our trunks.

The train began to move; I with Vlad started to laugh out loudly being under effect of past experiences and emotions, and to discuss the goings-on. His mom asked us to behave quieter, which in general was quite prudent. Here we go again. Yubileynoye - Beloye - Rodakovo - Sentyanovka.

We got snacks and had a bite. Vlad got a bottle of excellent homemade wine. He told how he went to his summer residence near the village Stanichny Most.

There were very strong shellings; almost all the windows had been broken in their suburban home. Especially adventurous militants have taken out all valuable things of the house. Fortunately for the hosts, separatists did not look into the basement where ian impressive stock of home-made wine was stored. "They would burn the house", - Vlad was indignant.

The farther from Luhansk, the smaller the wine volume in the bottle. Conductor went saying, "Remove to hell the bottle and prepare your passports". In the station Krasny Liman National Guard soldiers checked under the data base all the men in the car. Selectively inspected bags and trunks. Forced to unpack boxes with the monitor and system unit. Sorry, I did not take a scotch. All right, all the checks and the experiences have been behind us and a couple of hours later we arrived to Kharkov.
Unloading is a separate issue.

A crowd of people who desire to go from Kharkov to Kiev stormed our car, screaming and swearing, we tried to fall on the platform. Then, we went out and sat down on the bench. And then I noticed that there is no one bag. Sticking at nothing, I climbed into the car, found the bag and at the last moment had time to jump. It was good that friends with a car met us. They drove us, primed, fed, and put to sleep.

Here, in principle, the whole story. Anticipating many questions I answer right away: I do not see any reason to go back to Luhansk.

Time will put everything in its place. But I'm not going to live under the rule of the people through whose fault my friend was lost, and through whose fault thousands of people left their hometown.

Burn in hell, assholes ....
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