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How we've hunted titushky in DPR: memories of a partisan from Donetsk. Part 2

How we've hunted titushky in DPR: memories of a partisan from Donetsk. Part 2

In the first part of the interview, "Gubarev had swastikas on the walls of his room, and devils have been carried to Donetsk from Russia  ultras "Shakhtar" Vitaly Ovcharenko has told to ONLINE.UA about his fan past and the first skirmishes with separatists in early 2014.

In the continuation of the conversation with the journalist Yaroslav Grebenyuk, Ovcharenko recalls the guerrilla struggle in the capital of Donbas captured by terrorists.

How we've hunted titushky in DPR: memories of a partisan from Donetsk. Part 1

- There has passed six months of confrontation. Tell me how you fathomed the actions of opponents, their organization - who went to the separatists, who was behind it? Also, I heard that there were people in Luhansk and Donetsk who consistently dealt with the separatists, organized sabotage. This is little known.

- It was a bunch of marginal Russian and pro-Russian muggers. Even, I would say, the basest muggers. Physically ugly, badly dressed, always drunken, swearing every other word. Roughly speaking, the wrongest side of the tracks.

- Well, in the beginning of March, the gangs came from Russia. They were so stuck in Donetsk?

- They went on a rotational basis. We helped them to return home. In the evening we go in a group, a bloke comes to us: "Brother, brother! Homie! Help me reach hoьe!" - "No problem - go, bro, we'll help you! " And then we gave him, not money, but in the face.

Then we began ourselves to search those "brothers". A lot of them hang out at the bus station, in the area of the Shcherbakov park: they have spent all money and then asked: "Homie, give the money to travel to Rostov!" We beat them quickly and fled.

That's when the guerrilla war in Donetsk began: ultras came together in the evenings to make some small mopping-up operations in our city. Here it must be said that not only the ultras were in such "night patrol". I went to "meet at the school" where we agreed that we will take. In addition to the ultras, the separatists have been dealt with former military men, athletes, body-builders. 

Sometimes there were misunderstandings: in the course of a fight you could know that we beat friendly guys. Once in the area of the covered market we attacked a group. Faced, then we have to win, and that's already toughly finish off a guy, I looked at his t-shirt opened, there was an Ukrainian trident and the inscription: "I live on my God-given land!" Gee whiz! We raised him: "My friend! It's our mistake! " - " Yes, and we've mistaken, apparently! " Even this was. 

"Evening patrols" went right. There was a time when the separatists were afraid to go singly out of the perimeter of their barricade town.

There was much talk in our midst about storming of the regional council building (captured by separatists, - ONLINE.UA), but eyewitness notices about separatist's firearms violated these plans. I think two hundred people would be able to fight off Donetsk regional administration building in the course of our night storming, but we had not the heart to do that at the time.

Sometimes we interfere with each other. Thus, the separatists had a car "Zaporozhets" painted in the colors of the Russian flag and with orange-black flags; it was parked in the center on Lenin Square.
At the meeting "near the school" we decided to burn it at night. Then we formed three groups on cars, and I with Artur Shevtsov from "Svoboda" political movement ended up in an overwatching team. Just two minutes before our action, "Molotov cocktails" were ready, we just needed to ignite them, and some car has approached our target. Some people tumbled out, threw a few "Molotov cocktails" in the "Zaporozhets" and those car disappears: "Who is it?" - "The hell knows!" We both wanted to do the following: I was in the car, which insured us in any case, the second car had to drive, we would have jumped out, smashed a window, and thrown the "cocktail" into the cabin  ... But the unknown come! They have made some mistake: a bottle has been thrown under "Zaporozhets" and there is the metal sheet, it is clear that it will not burn up. What could we do? Separatists have run together. We turned around and left the place, too.

There was also a moment: guys, many of whom are my friends, forty people, coordinated, broke the mini-bus "Gazel" and demolished the tents on the same Lenin Square. It is a pity I did not get to the event. My friends and acquaintances even liberated the city council building in Mariupol and handed it over to the police, and the police gave it back the separatists. That's how it was.

So, this is nonsense to say that all people in Donetsk are rag tag, there was no resistance, and we did nothing! As shown by the events, I have a lot of brave friends, I am proud that I know those people.

How we've hunted titushky in DPR: memories of a partisan from Donetsk. Part 3

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