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To perform the combat mission. Military pilot about sorties, use of aviation, and lies of Russian MM

To perform the combat mission. Military pilot about sorties, use of aviation, and lies of Russian MM

According to the intelligence data, “Pantsyr C-1” is located on the occupied territory. It is a new anti-aircraft system (AAS). It has been developed recently, but our planes were created in the Soviet Union. That is why we cannot detect if any irradiation is produced by this AAS. We have some equipment aboard which informs us if there is any irradiation. It identifies the type of irradiation and the distance to its source. However, these data are inaccurate, and the equipment does not work with ”Pantsyr”.

Our aviation has been widely used for the last year, for example, during the liberation of Slovyansk. It was employed to eliminate separatists' checkpoints or it was used to destroy enemy columns of military equipment when they crossed our border .

Nobody can say for sure how many things were eliminated by us, but a lot of things. Generally, aviation is employed in different situations. For example, it is impossible to seize an object or to break through by the Army alone. Or there is a well-fortified checkpoint and it is difficult to seize it.

I try not to recall my sorties. Why to stir the hive? The memories are sometimes not very pleasant.

We are like surgents in white gowns because we never see the consequences of our work, only from MM.

I witnessed all the situations when our Su-25 planes were shot down; I was either leading or led. You may have seen the interview with a captured pilot. He was captured by militants and they forced him to tell them some information. I participated in performing the mission together with him. There were three planes participating. Two of them were shot down, and , unfortunately, I had to return to the airfield alone. Before that, we were paired, but the plane I led was shot down just when I  started flying as the leader...

The leading plane is the first and the led one is behind it. While the mission was performed,  the distance between us increased. When the leader attacks, the led one observes the situation on the land and can notice if any missile is launched from the land. That day the task was like that. I attacked, then the led plane fell into a nosedive and attacked. I completed the attack. Then my partner reported that his both hydro systems failed because they were damaged by a missile from a portable air defense system.Then I ordered my partner to retreat and attacked again as I saw an accumulation of enemy's military equipment on the field. Together we made a decision that he would land on a reserve airfield, on dirt runway , without chassis as the chassis do not work without hydro systems. I accompanied him at the minimal possible speed until the time he landed and then returned to my airfield using the fuel left for emergency situations. I flew away only after seeing that my partner's plane landed and stopped. And all this time I gave him orders and help how to land without chassis, on the  dirt airfield.

“I witnessed all the situations when our planes Su-25 were shot down; I was either the leader or the led”. (Photo)

All in all, 5 planes were shot down, but all our pilots are alive. The only one who was hurt was me.

It is true that I was awarded the order “For Courage” 3d degree on July 19. As Russian MM say it was for “Boeing”. No, it was for landing on the dirt runway which was on Jyly 16, when I was the leader.

Su-25 (Photo)

Lies of Russian MM about “Gruch”

Su-25 is not intended for  hit such targets as “Boeing”. First, we fly at lower altitude. Second, it is possible to get to that height, but the speed of the plane will be insufficient. Then, such missiles are at our disposal, but we have never taken them to sorties. According to the preliminary investigation data, the explosion took place neat the cockpit, near the pilots. Our misiles are with heat self-targeting. In other words, if the missile hit the plane, it would get directly to the engime, not to the cockpit.

All these lies are nonsense. More than that, the main thing is that we did not fly starting from July 17, 2014. The weather conditions were too bad. But nobody thinks about it.

Planes can fly and land when there is some meteorological minimum: the degree of cloudiness, horisontal visibility...

Yes, the “Boeing” flew, but it differs greately from Su-25. It may land when visibility is zero; we can land only when we see the landing runway. That day we could not see it. it was raining. The sky was completely covered with clouds. We could not fly. And Russian MM try to choose me as their victim.

A serviceman witnessed against me . He said that I performed a flight that day, and missiles of that type were fixed to the plane; he said that I had said when I returned, “They shouldn't have flown there”.

The name of this man is Ahapov. At first, his face was not shown and the name was not presented, then, in spring, he was named. This man really served in our unit. He was a mechanic responsible for armament in a squadron. There was unflattering opinion of him. So, this man presented deliberately false information against me.

At the same time, the man presented some real facts: three planes left the airdrome and two of them were shot down. When I returned, I was upset. It was real, but that happened on 23d, 6 days after the “Boeing” was  downed.

Yes, I saw how the planes were shot down and I was upset, and it was quite natural. This man presented the events of the 23d as if they had happened on the 17th.

Those people who trust him should also think over the fact that this man was a rank-and-file soldier. How could it happen that he knew what I spoke about with the unit commander?

It is impossible for a serviceman to visit the commander without making an appointment in advance; and there is strict subordination. We have our direct commander and first talk to him. Only if he cannot solve the problem, he addresses a senior commander. However, this man said that he was a witness of my conversation with the commander. More than that, the commander was not at the DC-based airfield at that time.

... Ahapov said that from the very beginning he was against “that”. He was a mechanic for armament, so he equipped planes with guns and ammunition.

If I am not mistaken, in late December he escaped from Ukraine to the RF.  I do not know how they found him or he himself found them to present this  deliberately false information about me.

Portraits of the ATO heroes in the Presidential Administration. Photos by Roman Nikolayiv

Russian MM may call me whatever they like. You know who they work for. I am not offended. God be their judge.

Halina Tytysh, The Ukrainian Truth

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