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"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers. Part 2

"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers. Part 2

It seems to many people in the occupied area until now that the described horrors have taken place somewhere in "imaginations of ultrapatriotic Ukrainians" which just try to scare those who want to be "released" from Ukraine.

"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers.Part 1

Three criminals in camouflage who has killed the woman, belong to the local "militants"; they are the indigenous inhabitants of Sverdlovsk, two of them were previously convicted. They are the ones who was met yesterday with flowers, cheerful waving of Russian tricolor and black and orange "St. George" ribbon. They are the ones who only yesterday was considered a heroes-liberators. Today they, militants-liberators, defenders, is the present of our town. Scary, impunity, and justified.

Witnesses of the terrible, cynical crime happened in Tsygankov street of the town of Sverdlovsk, who testified to prosecutors, have received warnings: dogs in their yards were killed. Not shot. They cut throats of dogs. That is, the killer has shown that he can safely enter in any yard.

Officers of the "Ministry of State Security of LPR" and "LPR prosecutors" who came home to the killer - inhabitant of Sverdlovsk - "militantsman" with the call sign "Chechen", were simply met with guns; militants promised to do what they have done with the dead girl, with each member of the "law enforcement officers" family. "Law enforcement officers" of the town left with tail between their legs. Gone under the weight of a wry killer's smile which like the Devil's seal, will now prevail over them.
And still the awareness. The awareness on that they are no longer the "power". Now in the town, idiots with guns solve who will live and who will not. And the terrible awareness that Sverdlovsk rag tags will justify any murder, will shake hands in the blood and, looking into the eyes of a rapist - pillager - killer will kowtow to him, a camouflaged bastard, in the hope that he would spare them. "Just not me" - the main dream of those who decided to play "Russian roulette" of the "Russian world".

All this is terrible. It is absurd. But perhaps more frightening is that people do not want to see the disaster, close from the truth, or replace it with this: "Well, it's someone who is his own fault; it will not concern to me ..". Many in the occupation zone suffer from selective consciousness. They see only the truth and information that does not run counter to their world and beliefs. They shield themself from the realities of the "L-DPR": as part of an investigation carried out by the "General Procurator’s Office of LPR" on "liberating activity" of Ataman Bednov ( "Batman"), the facts of kidnapping, rape, sale into slavery, tortures led to the deaths, including civilians and even the "militants". But its easier for "rascists" (pro-Russian fascist-like fanatics) to live with the belief that the horrors described take place somewhere in "imaginations of ultrapatriotic Ukrainians" who just want to scare those who want to be "released" from Ukraine. Well, let it live. The realities of life, and more correctly, the realities of this war are such that the "payback" will not take long. Hell will has enough space for those who killed and those who justified them.

In Sverdlovsk there were not crimes with that level of cynicism for all the years of its existence. This was confirmed by the "law enforcement officers". Some people killed, robbed while drunk, for profit, mostly, addicts killed taxi drivers or elderly parents. Yes, this is cynicism, too. But it was rare. And yet not in an environment where people live in full confidence that the next sitting in the cafe men in camouflage with guns are their "liberators".

There is no more trust to the people in camouflage. Credibility to the media propagandists which have silently ignored the case when the young woman was killed by "liberators" is now absent, too. There is awareness that people have been cheated. There is awareness of the fragility of life. There is a timid belief that "not me", "not for me", "it will not concern to me". Timid and unsteady, like a mirage.

... Now Sergey Garbuzov, Grigory Iorgansky, Yegor Igumnov, Eugene Domansky work as "law enforcement officers of LPR"... I just show their photos ... shot at the meeting passed after the tragedy described by me in "the municipality of the town of Sverdlovsk, LPR". Take a good look at the photo. Neither my story, nor emotions, and text could be compared with that faces of "authority", faces of the "law enforcement officers" in Sverdlovsk say. It was two days after the murder on Tsygankov street. They have seen the killers. Murderers have laughed in their faces. People on the photo know the truth. About a life. About war. About "Russian world" where they wanted to get. About the "liberators" and "heroes". They know that the "liberators" ... can kill everyone. Even them.


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