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"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers. Part 3

"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers. Part 3

It seems to many people in the occupied area until now that the described horrors have taken place somewhere in "imaginations of ultrapatriotic Ukrainians" which just try to scare those who want to be "released" from Ukraine.

"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers.Part 1

"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers. Part 2

The meeting of the profile committee of "LPR law enforcement officers" in the town of Sverdlovsk and district" has discussed the issues of a catastrophic increase in crime that exceeded pre-war level in more than a dozen times, the growing level of violence against women, minors, and domestic violence, corruption, drug abuse, illegal border crossing and looting, arms, drugs and human trafficking. According to the "head of the administration of Sverdlovsk, LPR" Andrey Sukhachev, many of the buildings which were in excellent condition before the war have fallen into ruin today due to actions of looters.

- How to stop them riding around the town in armored troop-carriers or grabbed cars, with guns shooting in the air? - my companion asks, and answers his own question. - We detain looters, then their "commandants", "chiefs", "chieftains" come  and take "subordinates" menacing us with guns. Our Russian life is like "Russian Roulette". Earlier criminals were afraid of the prosecutor's office, and the police. Now they laugh in a face. And they are not only Russians, not the occupiers and those who yesterday was an informer, a stoolie, returned from prison stints, and also miners which became soakers, drunks. Today they are a power. They, but not we are. We are the targets as well as everybody else.

- Many crimes are not exposed. About 10 percents are cleared only. But all the found criminals are residents of the town, - my companion in uniform continues the story. - I do not think that all crimes will be cleared. Rather, I am sure that they will be never cleared. Each battalion of militants has its prison in a basement. Has concubines. Well, it's clear when maids do go to military men by their own, so to speak, they are priestesses of war. And when bandits abduct girls in schools, colleges, and in the streets? What is one to make of this? Are they friends or enemies?

- And there are many of those who shot each other due to fights, whacking up, being drunk. All this is blamed on the "heroism" and the killed are declared as "dead from the bloody hands of the junta". Their heart-broken relatives stupefied by propaganda believe in that. Although ... whether their hearts are broken? They run upon the prosecutor's office with complaints: a "hero" widow has not received the "humanitarian aid" in full, the gas supply was cut off for non-payment. For them, their dead relatives is a chance to get something in an exchange. People sell their souls there, - he laughs. - And in bulk if you want...

I'm not talking about the denunciations. You know all. How a court session proceeds? Don't ask. Great! A year suspended is imposed for a robbery. If an underdog is caught he will be punished in full. And if a "hero" then everything will be hushed up. We work "on call" like in olden forgotten times. Do not ask me why because I do not know. Do not ask if we fought for this, and if we wanted this. Of course, not. We all believed that all will be as in Russia here. Security forces are respected people there. Big salaries, pensions, opportunities, and the wild fear of society to the authorities. Corruption is huge. You can take fuck-you money. The main thing is to pay to "tops". And so it was in the Ukraine, but ... Maidan has scared us. People have ceased to be afraid of us just before Maidan. They became more unfettered, freer, bolder, began to read laws, the Internet. Here you are - he is laughing - has got goat to all with rallies. You thought it would be better. What happened as a result? Fine! It will be enough for all lifetime.

Here, Sukhachev ("the head of administration of Sverdlovsk, LPR", having no higher education, previously occupied in installing windows) barks at us, at judges, prosecutors, colonels, say, they should make joint raids on places of looting the "ownerless property", to catch those who are convicted of theft, and to institute administrative and criminal proceedings against them. How? - My conversation partner asks himself again. - One's fellow sponsor is a militant, another's matchmaker came to fight from Russia. Weapons are in bulk in every home. And threats on the least occasion. I have heard more than a hundred times: "We know where your family lives, where is your mother, and where a daughter goes". "Militants" openly say: "Your power has come to an end. We'll take everything from life because all die anyway". And take. The town, or rather, the people have changed a lot. Propaganda has done a lot. We interrogate witnesses, and they tell us: "What if she was properly killed, if she was a spy of "Ukes"?

There was an accident before the New Year. The officers from "DPR" visited our town. And they were natives of Sverdlovsk. So they really said that "DPR" will capture "LPR" and will kill all here like dogs, as Sverdlovsk is a rich town. Compatriots! (Laughing sad and cold.) They have thrown a grenade without a fuse in a minibus. To have fun, can you imagine? People have cried and run about panicking. The next day, the whole town was in rumors, saying, "Ukes" in the town center threw grenades into buses. And in fact they believe. Here, all live in their own world each. We pretend that we are of importance for people; that we are an authority. People make believe that they are satisfied. "Militants" make believe that they fight. In fact, you will drive in nobody to the front. Everyone knows that Russians are at war. It is their war. Therefore, the locals simply rob. We all live a day-to-day existence...


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