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13 февраля, суббота
Main News of Donbas (February 11-12): Launch of Zolote checkpoint suspended; “court-martial” on occupied territor
11 февраля, четверг
Main news of Donbas: A bus hit a landmine at Maryinka checkpoint; “LPR” faction detained their minister of “housing and utilities sector”
06 января, среда
Main News of Donbas: An ex-military disappeared near Mariupol; Luhansk regional hospital got equipment
05 января, вторник
Main news of Donbas: A man fell through the ice and perished; A resident of Mariupol driving a “Mercedes” car ran over a woman at a parking lot near a supermarket in Mariupol
04 января, понедельник
Main news of Donbas: A Luhansk region school was shelled at night; Passengers armed with a knife made a taxi driver take them from Mariupol to occupied Horlivka 

02 января, суббота
Main news of Donbas: A drunk man bit a police officer in Artemivsk; Militants opnened fire 24 times during the first day of the new year
31 декабря, четверг

Main news of Donbas: Fireworks were banned in the Donetsk region; A police officer's corpse was found at a Mariupol market
Main news of Donbas: Criminals who had stolen 2.5 tons of coal were detained in Krasnoarmiysk; “Azov” mural in Mariupol was vandalized four days after the opening
30 декабря, среда

Main news of Donbas: The Security Service of Ukraine detained contaband goods in the vicinity of Novotroitske; The Luhansk region prosecutor has a new deputy
29 декабря, вторник
Main news of Donbas: 3 political forces got deputy mandates in Svyatohirsk; Medical centre in Kostyantynivka got money for treatment of Chornobyl disaster liquidators ten years later than it had to be allocated 

28 декабря, понедельник
Main News of Donbas: Three Ukrainian militaries wounded during the last day; A mural with “Azov” Regiment militaries appeared in Mariupol
26 ноября, четверг
Main News of Donbas: Two people were wounded in a tripwire trap blast in Stanychno-Luhanskiy district; An ammunition cache was found in Artemivskiy district
24 ноября, вторник
Main News of Donbas: A strike in Krasnoarmiysk; A Mariupol resident found a grenade in her yard
06 ноября, пятница
Main news of Donbas: shellings resumed in ATO zone; recruiting to new police was launched in Mariupol
09 мая, суббота
The main news of Donbas: on the eve of Minsk talks severe shellings in Donbas renewed
05 апреля, воскресенье
News of Donbas: Militants disarmament, Russian diplomas in “DPR”, TV for Donetsk
26 марта, четверг
Main News of Donbas for the week of 16-22 March 2015