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16:20 / 23.05.2016  
There is an investigation conducted in “lpr' now, an investigation which is appalling and petrifying.
16:10 / 23.05.2016  
The population – retired people, teachers, doctors, miners (those people who participated in rallies-referendums and supported the “Russian world”) were happy to welcome the slogan “Beat oligarchs!” and were not against shops robberies.
16:00 / 23.05.2016  
They were extremely afraid of the invasion of Ukrainian fascists, nazis, and nationalists in the Donbas ...
17:46 / 20.05.2016  
After Volodymyr Rybak, deputy of Horlivka Town Council was kidnapped, Oleh Zontov decided to leave the Donetsk region.
17:25 / 20.05.2016  
There is another surprising thing: the country wants to see poor and begging internally displaced people.
17:17 / 20.05.2016  
Oksana Mykheeva, who had to move from Donetsk to Lviv after the beginning of the war explains why the majority of internally displaced persons will never return to the Donbas.
16:44 / 19.05.2016  
Anzhelika is a mom who takes her kid to the Center. She has four children, the oldest ons is a second-year student of Mariupol State University.
16:40 / 19.05.2016  
The children therapy course lasts, on the average, for 2-3 months and it is conducted in close cooperation with parents and often with the whole family.
16:37 / 19.05.2016  
The Center for family support of Ordzhonikidze social service is located in “Vostochny” micro district of Mariupol.
18:00 / 18.05.2016  
Still, as soon as my mum gets used to one fear, she develops another one.
17:54 / 18.05.2016  
We are constantly asked: “Why are you still there? Why don’t you move to a safer place?” We have plenty of official answers: elderly parents, work, home, property...
17:51 / 18.05.2016  
Slovyansk police department was seized two years ago and soon the town was occupied by militant.
18:39 / 17.05.2016  
April 8: Kramatorsk court extended for 60 days the arrest of “Donbas” battalion volunteer Yuriy Korostelyov (callname “Yakut”).
18:33 / 17.05.2016  
Head of Donetsk regional military and civil administration Pavlo Zhebrivskiy claimed at the end of March that the region would have about 4 billion UAH to restore the infrastructure.
18:22 / 17.05.2016  
If to take formal percentage of the ballots at the elections, the pro-Russian radicals and pure separatists are marginal.
16:48 / 16.05.2016  
In 1991 the vast majority of Donbas residents voted for independent Ukraine at the referendum (83.9% in the Donetsk region and 83.6% in the Luhansk one).
16:36 / 16.05.2016  
It is difficult to say that the movement which appeared in the Donbas is a classical movement of the national minority for the reunification with the metropolis.
16:31 / 16.05.2016  
There are people who think that they are marginal phenomena which appeared from nowhere in the spring of 2014 and became successful only thanks to Russian weapons.
18:29 / 13.05.2016  
Mass actions, demonstrations, flash mobs, and other overt actions which are recommended by the Manual are a little real today in the "republics".
18:22 / 13.05.2016  
In September, 2015 the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology has conducted a telephone survey including in the "republics" Donbas.