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"Twice guilty": in a hell of "republican" prison camps. Part 2

"Twice guilty": in a hell of "republican" prison camps. Part 2

"Twice guilty": in a hell of "republican" prison camps. Part 1

- Alexander, please, tell me, what are the manifests of that "bedlam" as you put it? Nonetheless, I would like you deliver me specifics to imagine the overall situation.

- The conditions became many times worse. Some mixture of tyranny and abuse by the authorities. My opinion is that the embittered people swept into at least some power. "Anti-riot police" officers really kill, in the ordinary sense of the word. In Luhansk prison before the New Year there was a check with participation of the "ant-riot police" and a guy about twenty years was beaten to death; he died the next day. When parents gathered to hold a meeting at the prison, then they have got beans from the same "anti-riot police". And you say "early release on parole" but I simply wish to live.
As I said, they broke ribs to me: I stood against the wall being suspended, and some beast booted in army boots beat me to knees from behind and punched in the ribs: this is their kind of entertainment.
In the end, whatever is my prison term, I'm not a dog so accessed to me. A method for the protection against all of that is only one: simply bite the bullet because nothing works officially. For example, I was beaten in front of the public prosecutor. Informal means also did not work.
- What do you mean under "informal"?

- Many people cut their veins, but they are immediately bandaged, and then get beaten twice. Our hunger strikes are just a fun for the prison-keepers, they say: "Please, do it: it's economy for us, you will eat less". And I want to clarify once again. Of course, I look out for "Number one", but there are really thousands of abandoned prisoners left in the chaos. And I just can't get my head around why everyone is silent? I decided to start with myself.

- In 2014 I had heard that some of the prisoners in "DNR" have been redeemed by their relatives. - Were there such cases in the prison where you are? How real is it for you personally?

- Firstly, it is scary at the moment to solve something for the money, there is no stability because heads are often changed. While in 2014 a few people have been released, but for a sight of money. As far as I know, it turned 7-8 thousand dollars on average. The old bosses which were still Ukrainian, may safely retire. For me, those sums are very heavy, and I do not want extra problems: I want to go home, and not to be on the run with the "useless scrap of paper" issued by "LPR".

- But in general, can you still leave the penal colony for this sum?

- No, you do not understand: 7-8 thousand is only for one year period. For example, if it remains for a person to lie in prison, say, 3 years, then prepare for 20-25 thousand. Many people of the administration got it made during the first months of the war and, as I said, quietly retired because amounts of redemption were from 20 to almost 50 thousand dollars per person. Basically, they have drawn up the acts for the prisoners as for the terminally ill who can not be detained or performed early release on parole.
- And what is the procedure for release in this case? Whether at least some document is issued or the doors of the prison camp just open and you go wherever you want?
- There were different people from different places, but the released went as completely legalized, that is they can safely go anywhere. But it was at that time. It is now possible to be released for money but, as I wrote, frequent rotation of the authorities do not promote this. The real fact heard by me from the several locals who had gone on parole is that some people solve their questions onsite, and another with the authorities in Luhansk.

Interview by Stanislav Vasin for "OstroV", Donetsk

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