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"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers. Part 1

"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers. Part 1

It seems to many people in the occupied area until now that the described horrors have taken place somewhere in "imaginations of ultrapatriotic Ukrainians" which just try to scare those who want to be "released" from Ukraine.

... An emaciated girl went along Tsygankov street in the town of Sverdlovsk. She drunk spring air smelling by the blossoming apricot flowers. She rubbed her hands where the violet-blue marks from a rope crashed into the skin could be seen. She walked slowly smiling to flowering branches. Exposed her face to the sun. Tears poured down her cheeks. People passing by looked at her and shrug shoulders quizzically: maybe, she is crazy. Now there is a lot of such wandering persons on the streets: blessed, estranged, craziest. People turn away from them. They understand that those are most likely victims of violence and tortures. But wider public prefer not to think about it. It does not concern them...
The girl took a few more steps. And the explosion has thundered.

People in the photo are the "law enforcement officers" in the town of Sverdlovsk controlled by "LPR". They have met the murderers of the girl and know the truth. The truth about the "Russian world" where they were aimed to get. About the "liberators" and "heroes". They know that the "liberators" ... can kill everyone. Even them ...
Then in reports of the "MIA LPR" there will be written concisely: "In Tsygankov street, an explosion occurred as a result of which the citizen A.L., born in 1980, lived in the town of Sverdlovsk, was found dead with shrapnel wounds and amputation of limbs. There are traces of a rope on the hands".
According to information sent to me by a man related to the investigation, it became known: the girl have been abducted in Sverdlovsk. She have been long held and raped. To hide the traces of violence, torture, cruel treatment, they have tied up a grenade between her legs. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope that held her killers to protect themselves. The grenade was tied up to the girl by a native of the town of Sverdlovsk named Chechen that had abducted her and is a member of an illegal armed group ...

The story of the lost girl from Sverdlovsk I have described, strongly stirred my town. Actually, not even stirred but splashed with a cold. People have become silent and have shrinked in horror. After all, that could be attributed to the "Ukrainian propaganda" yesterday and even the rumors that all those horrors are committed by "Ukes" with impunity indeed, has turned out to be a terrible truth of life. Their lives. And this truth has a familiar surname, funeral, witnesses from Tsygankov street, and blood stains on the road. This truth has not those people whom they feared as many as two years, Banderovites. The death of an ordinary hirl, their neighbor, friend, who was kidnapped, tortured and killed by "militants" in Sverdlovsk in such a terrible, inhuman way was a finding of the war in Sverdlovsk of Luhansk region.

"There are no "nazis", "fascists" and "Ukes" in our town", - they spoke in Sverdlovsk, - "so why do every week people disappear, houses burn, why enterprises have been stolen, why we are killed and plundered?"

In two years, the death rate among the civilian population of the occupied Sverdlovsk grew fivefold. Murder on Tsygankov street in the "liberated" town opened the eyes of Sverdlovsk people: they are killed with impunity by "liberators", Sverdlovsk people, too ...


"Militants" strapped a grenade to the woman. She took as many steps as it was enough for the rope held by her killers. Part 2
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