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Main news of Donbas for 14.09.2015: sports event are held in Kramatorsk and Druzhkivka, a huge national flag hoisted in Lysychansk

Main news of Donbas for 14.09.2015: sports event are held in Kramatorsk and Druzhkivka, a huge national flag hoisted in Lysychansk

An all-Ukrainian Olympic class took place in Kramatorsk.

A sports festival, all-Ukranian Olympic class, took place in Kramatorsk on Septenber 12. The festival was devoted to the Ukrainian Day of Physical Education and Sport.

"Donbass Open Cup-2015" hockey final took place in Druzhkivka.

The final match and the award ceremony of the traditional "Donbass Open Cup-2015" tournament took place in Druzhkivka on September 3. In the final HC “Donbas” beat HC “Kremenchuk”, 6:0.

Poroshenko: Not more than 250 thousand Donbas residents have left Ukraine.

Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, told in his interview to the German newspaper “that the number of refugees from the Donbas who are now living abroad does not exceed 100-250 thousand people.

Sacks with tritonal from “Novorossia” found in the Donetsk region.

Ukrainian servicemen averted a terrorist attack in the vicinity of the village of Orlovske (the Donetsk region). They found a sack with 4 kilos of tritonal, thermobaric weapon, which in neither produced, nor used on the territory of Ukraine, and an  electronic detonator. There was a “Aid for Novorossia” inscription on the sack.

The biggest state flag in the town hoisted in Lysychansk.

The paratroopers of the 80th separate air assault brigade of the airborne forces hoisted the biggest flag in Lysychansk (the Luhansk region) before their demobilization. The size of the flag is more than 12.2 metres and it is placed on one of the town terricones, which is 13 metres high.

A child was wounded in a road accident invelving armed personnel carrier in the Donetsk region. - the police informs.

A Lada Kalina and an armed personnel carrier collided on the 188th kilometre of the Slovyansk-Donets-Mariupol motorway on September 14, at 10.30 am. According to preliminary information, a 1,5-year-old child, who was a passenger of the sedane, was slightly injured.

Slovyansk protest against financail tycoons gathered a couple of dozens of people. 

A not numerous rally against the authority of financial tycoons took place in Slovyansk on Septenber 14, the day of all-Ukrainian protest. Michael Nechiporenko, activist, complians of the price rise and says that oligarchs are to balme.

Two grenades found at Slovyansk railway station.

Two grenades were found in the square in front of Slovyansk railway station.

People who were nearby got evacuated, the territory was cordonned off. The police and explosives experts were operating in the area.

A man got injured in a tripwire mine explosion in Volnovakha district

A local resident (born in 1940) got wounded after he stepped on a landmine tripwire.

A woman got injured in a tripwire mine explosion in the Luhansk region.

A Stanytsya Luhanska resident got wounded after she stepped on a landmine tripwire. She was wounded in the back of her head and is in hospital now.

A militant who appeared to be a Russian citized detained in the Donetsk region.

State Border Guard officers detained a member of illegal armed formations who appeared to be a citizen of the russian Federation in the Donetsk region. There were two men in a car which was stopped by the border guard service officers. One of them was a 48-year-old Russian Federation citizen who was wearing a military uniform with the separatist regiments insignia, another one was a woman who is a Ukrainian citizen and lives in Donetsk.

IDPa are trained to look for a job in Slovyansk.

Training seminars for IDPs were launched in Slovyansk. Specialists tell people how to look for a job and not to lose it, how to start their own business and how to protect their rights.

A motor operator died in one of DTEK mines.

A motor operator of a mine excavator (born in 1984) was fatally wounded at Yubileina DTEK Pershotravenske mine at 6.50 pm on September 14. The accident happened while carrying out the face entry. 

A monument to perished ATO warriors and civilians was erected on Slovyansk outskirts.

Servicemen of the 93rd and 92nd Brigades , 39th Battalion, “Donbas” and “Aidar” erected a monument, a cross on the outskirts of Slovyansk.

The monument “To the perished defendors of Ukraine and the perished civilians” is situated under the destroyed pontone bridge at the Kryvy Torets river.

A gang of teenage murderers was detained in Mariupol.

Mariupol police detained a gang of teenagers (born in 2001, 1999, 2000 and 1998), who were beating their victims to death and robbing them during a month.

Two women got injured in a tripwire mine explosion in Maryinka district.

Two women were injured after stepping on a tripwire landmine near the village of Berezove, Maryinka district, the Donetsk region. The women were going from Donetsk to Volnovakha, went to a  wood line where they stepped on a tripwire landmine.

A book about the events in occupation was presented in the burnt building of the Mariupol Town Council.

The book “Mariupol: the last forepost” was presented to the local journalists and activists after a tour around the burnt building of the Mariupol Town Council. The book tells about the events which happened in the town from february 2014 to January 2015.

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